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  • Ford GT
  • Shelby GT350R
  • Shelby GT350
  • F-150 Raptor
  • Focus RS
  • Focus ST
  • Fiesta ST

Ford Performance parts:

  • Mustang parts
    • Handling packs
    • Wheels
    • Lug nuts
    • Wheel center caps
    • Ford wheel hub kits
    • Ford Performance windshield banner
    • Fender covers
    • Brake upgrades
    • ETC.
  • Crate engines
  • Packs
  • Superchargers
  • Performance/power upgrades

Engines used in NASCAR

Ford Performance Parts is proud to be the only high-volume manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, sells, and supports a wide range of performance parts for both racing and street use. All Ford performance calibrations go through a rigorous test schedule utilizing the same Ford resources used in production vehicle development. Hot weather, cold weather, and barometric changes are used during calibration development and testing to ensure safe, reliable horsepower in any driving condition.

Engines used in NASCAR

Competition Vehicles

  • Current Vehicles
    • FP350S

Heritage Vehicles

  • 2016 Cobra Jet
  • 2014 BOSS 302R
  • 2014 BOSS 302S
  • Fiesta B-Spec
  • 2013 Cobra Jet
  • 2012 BOSS 302R
  • 2010 FR500CJ
  • FR500CJ
  • FR500S
  • FR500C
  • FR500GT4
  • 2012 Focus ST-R

Cobra Jet

In 2008 Ford celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the 1968 CJ with the introduction of the new Cobra Jet. It’s the ultimate “Parts Car” – Ford Performance Parts, that is. It is literally a production Mustang body, engineered with a carefully chosen set of Ford Performance high performance parts and other components to do one thing: win drag races.

One of the 2008 CJs, owned by Hajek Motorsports, won the 2009 NHRA Winternationals in the hands of John Calvert. Calvert’s car sported vintage Rice Holman graphics in honor of Al Joniec’s historic ’68 Winternationals win. In fact, most of the 2008 Mustang Cobra Jets competed with nostalgia graphic packages mirroring those on famous Mustang CJ drag cars.

So popular is the modern Mustang Cobra Jet, that Ford Performance built 50-car batches in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014, and is doing so again for the 2016 season.

BOSS 302:

Forty years ago, the original Mustang BOSS 302 became a road racing legend. Now, the new BOSS 302R from Ford Performance is adding another illustrious chapter to the legend. Production of no more than 50 BOSS 302Rs is planned. While they are serialized, these cars are definitely not street legal – they are proper, full-fledged race cars, ready to race in several classes of Grand-Am, SCCA, and NASA road racing.

The Boss 302S is an entry level, purpose built road racing Mustang from Ford Performance. The car was designed to appeal to many levels of road racing enthusiasts. The Boss 302S is competitively priced considering its level of engineering and competitiveness. In addition to being a very capable open track car, NASA and the SCCA have approved the 302S to compete in both American Iron and the World Challenge GTS class.

Circle Track

Circle Track: Ford Performance offers the widest line of Sealed Racing Engines – from 350 to 590 HP. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are engineered, tested, and built to professional racing series standards and deliver reliable lasting performance. These aren’t built from repackaged production parts – but real racing parts like Forged Crank, Rods, and Pistons with full floating piston pins. Based on the proven Ford Performance BOSS Series race blocks these engines deliver Pole Setting Power with reliable and consistent performance lap after lap – RIGHT OUT OF THE CRATE.


  • Ford Sealed Racing Engines are designed, developed, and tested for racing applications – These are NOT repackaged production engines
  • Ford Sealed Racing Engines are machined and assembled with racing clearances for reliable high speed operation
  • Ford Sealed Racing Engines are built with premium Ford Performance and Aftermarket racing parts from Mahle, COMP, PAC, Edelbrock, Callies, SCAT, and Eagle
  • Ford Performance has a full time dedicated Program Manager and dedicated Engineer to support Short Track Racing
  • Ford Sealed Racing Engines are hand assembled in the USA

Track Cal

Track Cal is the exclusive Ford Performance calibration software that offers new features and added performance. Track Cal is available for the 2013-2014 Mustang GT.

Track Cal utilizes a ProCal tool to enable the performance calibration. Track Cal is available for the 2013-2014 Mustang GT with manual transmission. Track Cal is uploaded via Ford Performance’s exclusive ProCal tool. It does NOT feature a separate ignition key.

Contingency Program:

When you sign up for a Ford Performance Account, you get access to more features from Ford Performance. You can register for our Contingency Award Programs, where you get paid when you race with Ford Performance Parts. You can also Register your ProCal Unit for Activation. When you register a Ford Performance Engine, we will send you a Free Ford Performance Fender Cover. And make sure you stay up to date with Ford Performance when you sign up for Fast News for the latest news, specials, and promotions.

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